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A UAV allows us to get closer without further risk to the subject or people, this has opened up a whole array of opportunities for the marine, surveying and engineering sectors, previously only obtainable by costly, lengthy and staff-intensive means, and it's now a real option for any industry including real estate, surveying, hospitality and marketing.

Our UAV's construction and gimbal is of the highest quality providing extremely smooth and stable footage, even in wind or with fast camera movements

We have, and are able to show live feed from the camera to a separate monitor for our customers and clients, this offers a great benefit as it allows them to look at the shot, before we take the footage.

We're also happy to negotiate if you require a longer shooting period and we're able to shoot overseas - though please bear in mind that each country has its own aviation jurisdiction and permission must be applied for specifically on a per-shoot basis.

Including aerial photography either as a single tool or as part of a larger piece can add a huge amount of value to any campaign.

Real Estate; Our aerial photography UAV's provide an extremely versatile and affordable solution to showcasing real estate and grounds from a unique perspective.

We can also conduct multiple flights at different locations within the same day helping to reduce individual costs. If you're an estate agent then please contact us for more information.

Hospitality; in a competitive market our aerial photos can help making your business and offering stand above the competition.

Totally flexible from ground up to 400ft, we can showcase small details or an entire expanse of grounds.

Perfect for golf clubs, resorts and gardens, our aerial photos bring a completely new perspective to existing and new customers.

Marketing; due to our UAV's relatively low cost and versatility, all manner of ideas can now be achieved through aerial film and photography.

Whether it's a standalone piece, part of a larger campaign or simply to bolster your existing marketing materials, we can help.

Quick to set up - No danger to staff - Cost effective

No interruption to services - Extremely versatile


AERIAL FILMING; Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) granted by the C.A.A., LRW films provides remote controlled aerial filming services. We fly using aerial camera platforms which are state of the art, providing ultra-smooth, 4K or full 1080 HD film.

LRW films pilots are fully trained, qualified and insured with safety being a primary focus of any work required.


The four basic principles of safety will be followed:

1.       Fit to fly.

2.       Safe in the air.

3.       Safe to those on the ground.

4.       Flown in suitable weather.


We find that the creative possibilities elevated filming and photography have when the UAV can move in any direction from the ground up to 400ft. Points of view and shooting angles, which up until recently were only available to large budget productions, are now available to all through the use of UAV platforms.

Interior surveying is also possible, avoiding the need for costly or potentially damaging scaffolding.

We love speaking to people so they get a better understanding of who we are and what we do, and us of their needs and aspirations to ensure that we get the possible result whatever the subject is, getting the best possible results for both our clients and customers.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY; Visually, our UAV's can capture Adobe DNG RAW/JPEG resolution images and with the added bonus of a 3x optical zoom for detailed analysis of any area, including rooftops, renders and exteriors up to a height 400ft, as well as a live downlink to the ground and manually-taken photos at any point during the flight.

However, even if the camera is set to record video, screen grab stills can be taken from the footage, if the images are to be used online.

PLANNING, PERMISSIONS & INSURANCE; LRW films has full UAV insurance and public liability insurance of £1m, sometimes special permissions may need to be granted by the CAA (such as when shooting in Central London or other restricted airspace).

LRW films can handle these and other permits needed during an application process.

Before any shoot; LRW films will carry out a full risk assessment before any flights, and following the risk management procedure along with using the risk calculator, this full site survey takes into account all factors which may affect the safety of those people on the ground or other potential aircraft.

Once the above have been ascertained we can advise if the shoot is possible from a permissions point of view.

C.A.A. RULES & REGULATIONS FOR UAV OPERATORS; As an approved operator of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) LRW films is governed and regulated by the C.A.A.

Indeed it is essential for us to adhere to these regulations for our insurance and public liability cover to be valid. Although the restrictions are extremely detailed, we can outline a few basic guidelines (as above, each job will be risk assessed first).

  • We cannot fly directly over people, buildings and roads which are not under the control of the UAV crew.
  • We require the permission of the landowner to take off and land.
  • Certain restrictions apply to certain areas of Central London and additional permissions to fly need to be sought from the C.A.A.
  • If we are flying close to an airport or aerodrome, we may need to contact Air Traffic Control to check with them that it is safe to operate, inform them the operating height along with the date and time.

We always like to do a pre-flight visit to a location to ascertain if it will be possible to fly. However, usually just a post code or location of where and what we are filming will be enough for us to do a pre-flight survey to see if there are any flight restrictions which we need to be aware of.

 The pilot always has the final say if flying conditions and locations can be "deemed safe”.

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