Are LRW films approved & qualified to operate commercially?
LRW films has “Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO No: 767)” granted by the CAA, and LRW films operators have the RPQ-s qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's or drones).

Are LRW films fully insured?
. In accordance with CAP 722 Unmanned Aircraft System Operations in UK Airspace, LRW films is fully insured, including Public Liability Insurance for £1m. (We can increase it at anytime to suit)

Can we fly at night? Yes, we are approved for commercial night operations.

What weather conditions can't you fly in?
Unfortunately, we cannot fly in the rain, and strong winds can also be a problem (especially if we are flying near people and property) although we use excellent camera gimbals which offer smooth shots, safety must be paramount.

Can you fly indoors?
Yes, though the CAA rules still apply to both indoors and outdoors.

How long can you fly for?
Our aerial systems can fly for around up to 25 minutes, after which we need to land the system to change the power supply. Currently we have and use multiple batteries which we bring to a job pre-charged.

What are the height, range and speed of the drone?
Due to the conditions placed on unmanned aerial systems by the CAA, we are only permitted to fly up to 400ft high and
 fly out to 500m giving us a 1km radius, the UAV needs to be in the line of sight (LOS) at all times.

It is possible to get exemptions to fly further and higher but it may incur extra cost and can take time to organise. Generally the limits are more than sufficient for the majority of projects.

Can you fly drones in London?
Yes, and we have done on numberous occasions, however there are issues with flying in London. The first is most of the City of London is a restricted area (EGR 160). There are also additional restricted areas (EGR 157, 158 and 159) in the City or nearby. Any aircraft, no matter how small has to submit an extended non-standard flight application to fly in these areas. This takes time and permission is not guaranteed. London is also a congested area which can limit the size of aircraft that can fly. As a result working in London is possible but you should allow time to organise the project, it may incur extra administration costs and we can't guarantee permission will be able to be obtained.​​


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